Conclusion of the Mental Senior project – conference

On the 13th April 2024, a summary of the Mental Senior project, which our Association has assumed honorary patronage of, was held at the Community Cultural Centre in Wohyń.
The conference was attended by many guests. Among those present were the Mayor of the Wohyń Commune, Mr Tomasz Jurkiewicz, the Secretary of the Wohyń Commune, Ms Agnieszka Buch, the Director of the Communal Cultural Centre, Ms Dorota Wodowska, and the Manager of the Communal Social Welfare Centre in Wohyń, Mr Grzegorz Kułak. Representatives of the Mental Senior project – leader Ms Konstancja Cegłowska and Ms Alicja Opalińska – presented a summary of all project activities (workshops for seniors, workshops for students, media campaign, conferences and meetings).

Ms Marta Belniak, animator of the senior citizens’ club in Suchowola, presented the activities of senior citizens’ clubs in the municipality of Wohyń. Mr Grzegorz Kułak presented the senior policy of the Wohyń Municipality.

Seniors from the Senior Club in Wohyń, together with the animator, Ms Marta Gawryszuk, Ms Konstancja Cegłowska and Ms Alicja Opalińska, staged a performance entitled “Little Red Riding Hood”. Seniors from the Senior Citizens’ Club in Suchowola, together with their animator, Ms Marta Belniak, staged a performance entitled “The Happy Life of a Senior”.

The conference concluded with a success and a backstage discussion.

Conclusion of the Mental Senior project – conference

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