“Our Digital Future” – What have we been up to?

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“Our Digital Future” project partners have been working intensively on the production of the expected Intellectual Outputs You may find below what we have been up to!

Intellectual Outputs Progress

IO1 32 Visual Infographics
Through several meetings 8 emerging digital technologies have been selected Each partner took the lead for two technology topics UNIDEMI leads this output which will result in 4 infographics of

  1. Description
  2. Implementation
  3. Skills
  4. Jobs for each technology topic in an appropriate digital format based on provided guidelines

IO2 16 Interview based videos with 16 lesson plans
Under the lead of the coordinator, the consortium has began to work on the videos These will be based on the interviews with experts from the respective sectors who will share their knowledge on the topic

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IO3 - our Digital platform

The ODF multilingual website has been fully developed, having a futuristic design, in line with the declared purpose of the project. The project website, available in five partner languages and English, provides relevant information on the project objectives and expected results The project results and the news sections will be constantly updated, to include all the recent achievements of the consortium.
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You can also be connected to the project through our official pages!

“Our Digital Future” – What have we been up to?
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