Womenin Project

Objectives, implementation and results

WOMENIN (project number 2022-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000085791) aims to promote entrepreneurship among entrepreneur women. In addition, as specific objectives we want to identify the challenges faced by entrepreneur women, we will promote the global vision of the internationalisation of entrepreneur women in Europe, we will promote digital entrepreneurship and we will facilitate the interconnection of entrepreneur women through digitalisation.

The activities that we are going to implement in the WOMENIN project are aimed at the creation of a digital training manual that analyses the challenges faced by entrepreneur women and possible solutions to the challenges, the creation of a digital training course aimed at VET trainers where the challenges manual is explained, and finally, the creation of a virtual escape room in which the knowledge of the manual is established.

WOMENIN wants to create a training manual that analyses the challenges of entrepreneur women, create and develop a training course for VET trainers on the manual and create and use a digital escape room. In order for these three project partners have internal and external evaluation tools to develop the materials with maximum quality and efficiency. materials with the highest possible quality and efficiency. 

Learn more on the project website: https://www.womenin-project.eu/

Womenin Project
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