Youth Exchange Program “Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Young People”

Embark on a journey of cross-cultural understanding and entrepreneurial development with our project, “Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Young People”. Held under the auspices of the Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council, this initiative’s main component spans from September 18th to 24th, 2023.

Themes of the Project: Addressing the challenges faced by young individuals in the socio-economic landscape, the project focuses on breaking down barriers to entry into the private sector. The week-long program involves training, practical activities, and the exchange of experiences to support the development and integration of young people from Poland and Ukraine. Through presentations, exercises, debates, and simulations, participants enhance their entrepreneurial skills, exchange experiences, gain confidence, and receive essential knowledge to spread good practices.

Main Objectives:

  • Promote awareness of entrepreneurship among young people.
  • Share best practices of successful entrepreneurship.
  • Stimulate resourcefulness and creativity.
  • Equip youth workers with tools for entrepreneurial project development.
  • Foster cooperation between young people from Poland and Ukraine.

Participating Organizations:

  • Euro Lider Association: Aiming to develop human resources and promote lifelong learning, Euro Lider collaborates with various experts and local entities to facilitate workshops, training courses, and events.
  • NGO ‘The Power in Youth’: Founded in 2020, this non-profit organization based in Dnipro focuses on shaping an active and responsible community of young people, promoting inclusiveness, democracy, and teamwork.

Specific Project Objectives: The project aims to:

  • Increase motivation and leadership skills.
  • Facilitate networking between young people from Poland and Ukraine.
  • Provide insights into entrepreneurial opportunities in both countries.

Activities Include:

  • Presentations
  • Group work
  • Intercultural evening
  • Team building
  • Reflections
  • Career plan development
  • Creative sessions
  • Discussions
  • Conversations with entrepreneurs
  • Intercultural and local interactions
  • Analyses

Outcomes: Participants will gain knowledge and skills in:

  • Functioning of socio-economic sectors
  • Establishment and operation of a company
  • Setting up and operating a social economy enterprise
  • Self-presentation and image creation in the labor market
  • Group work, asking questions, leading discussions

Impact: The project aims to make a real difference in the lives of young participants, fostering new, creative ways of living that benefit individuals and their communities. The acquired knowledge, skills, and network created during the project lay the foundation for positive change.

Join us in shaping the future as these empowered individuals become catalysts for change in their lives and inspire others by example.

Youth Exchange Program “Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Young People”

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